What is Qlistic?

Qlistic is the simplest way to keep shareable lists, such as shopping lists, to-do lists, etc. You don't sign-up. You don't sign-in to anything. You don't need to join any social network or install anything. Your lists live in The Cloud, and you can get to them on any smartphone, tablet, or computer--all you need is a modern browser like Chrome or Firefox.

How much does it cost?

Nada. Qlistic is FREE!

How do I share a list with someone?

You simply send them the link to the list, so you could use email, text, carrier pigeon, etc. "Anyone with the link" can see and use a particular list.

You can email a link when you create a list, or click on the little envelope button when you're looking at a list. Even if you don't intend to share a list, it's probably a good idea to email yourself a link to it so you can easily pull up the list on multiple devices. And we promise, promise, promise your email address won't be shared, sold, or even stored in any way, shape, or form.

But if it's on the web, what happens when I'm offline?

You're good! Through the wonders of HTML5, you can still see and edit your lists even if you don't have Internet access. The easiest way to get to your lists is to bookmark at least one of them, pull it up even if you're offline, and voila, there's your list! While you're offline, you won't be able to sync your changes with The Cloud. But the next time you pull up the list while you're online, your list and The Cloud will sync up.

Once you've opened a list on a given browser, it'll be there when you need it.

Most modern browsers are good to go by default, but for Qlistic to work correctly, it'll need to run JavaScript, store cookies, and store data for offline usage. Some browsers may ask your permission for Qlistic to do those things.

I still don't get it.

Ok. Say you and your S.O. want to share a single, long-lived grocery list or shopping list. You've got an Android® phone, your S.O. still has an iPhone®, you spend all day on a Windows® computer, and there's always a tablet or two around. With Qlistic, you can see and edit the same list on all of those devices, online or offline, without signing-up, signing-in, or installing anything.

Or maybe the party is tomorrow night, and you need to jot down a to-do list. Start a list and keep it to yourself. And if you're running low on time, shoot the link over to your friends and you can all work from the same list to track what still needs to be done.

Keep a list for the hardware store. One for the honey-do list. One for people you've put on notice.

Can it also solve world hunger?

Sadly, no. There are some things it's probably not great for. We want to make it awesome for you, but with Qlistic, as in life, there are no guarantees. Or as the lawyers like to say, Qlistic comes with no "warranty of merchantability" or "fitness to be used for any particular purpose". You'll just have to accept it "as-is". And so that means you probably won't want to use it for things like your last will and testament, or other sensitive information. Capisci? By using Qlistic, you agree to our Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy.

Any other fine print?

Sorta. Qlistic is supposed to be simple, following the 'do one thing and do it well' doctrine. So it won't take pictures or meld with your Facebook profile or coordinate calendars. And though it's free for you to use it, it's decidedly not free to keep it going, so you can only keep 10 lists at a time, and lists that haven't been used for 6 months may be deleted from the servers.

Not so bad, right? So...

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